Survey: Mom Label


We asked for your suggestions, and now it’s time to vote. Winning entry, as chosen by you, will receive a selection of books (for parents and kids).


Julie Wiener wrote on her blog,

“I’m still looking for good names for gentile women raising Jewish kids. Perhaps someone like the Jewish Outreach Institute or should sponsor a contest, hint hint.

“Hopefully they’d come up with something better than JOI Associate Executive Director Paul Golin’s (joking I hope) suggestion to me, via Facebook, that we call them MORBs: mothers of other religious backgrounds. A bit too close to “morbid” for my taste.”

And so we did just that. We received entries by email, Twitter, Facebook and on our blog post.

I’ve compiled them here (unedited). Vote for your favorite. Feel free to leave a comment explaining your reason, if you so choose.