Pregnancy and Birth Ceremonies


Brit Bat

Our booklet, Brit Bat: birth ceremonies for girls, explains the wonderful custom of welcoming daughters to our families and communities.

Brit Milah

Many couples have questions when it comes to their son’s circumcision. Our booklet, To Circumcise Or Not: That Is The Question, is here to help.


Helping interfaith families navigate the process of planning a birth ceremony, our Guide to Birth Ceremonies for Interfaith Families offers many explanations and suggestions.


Compiled by our contributors, What to Do When the Baby Arrives: Tips for Inclusive Naming Ceremonies includes suggestions for honoring both the baby’s Jewish and other heritage.


Many local communities offer classes for soon-to-be parents; many communities even offer classes that focus on issues that come up for intermarried couples and their (future) families. Search our Network for events near you.

From Others

Looking for advice? Wondering how others welcomed their babies, chose names or made other decisions? Our discussion boards and article archives have plenty of resources: