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interfaith [in-ter-feyth]: adjective 1. of, operating, or occurring between persons belonging to different religions.

We at InterfaithFamily understand that the definition goes far beyond Webster’s.

How do you interfaith?…Interfaith relationship? Intercultural relationship? Interfaith children or grandchildren? Child of an interfaith family?

We have a knack for that! And many, many resources to help you celebrate Judaism your way…Come join us! Rabbi Jillian Cameron would love the opportunity to meet you over a cup of coffee….or email!

Or join us on December 10th for an early Hanukkah Celebration:  Latkes & Vodka: A Salem Hanukkah Party.  It’s FREE!

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Upcoming events

Wish You Weren’t Here – Congregation Shirat Hayam Screening

December 11, 7:00PM

On the heels of sold-out audiences across Canada, there will be two free screenings of this compelling film on contemporary anti-Semitism held on the North Shore. Wish You Weren’t Here explains why the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement is an expression of contemporary anti-Semitism, and it exposes Roger Waters, founding member of Pink Floyd, as […]

Welcome Baby! Mall Meetup

December 12, 10:30AM

Meet us in the Natick Mall (1245 Worcester Road) on Tuesday, December 12 at 10:30am in front of Au Bon Pain. We will grab a complimentary coffee and walk around the mall while meeting new friends. No charge. For families with children ages 0-1 year. For more information or to RSVP, visit

Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights

December 13, 4:30PM

Don’t miss the fifth annual JArts and MFA Hanukkah Celebration open house! Hanukkah music and storytelling throughout the galleries, Judaica talks, art making and drawing, an interactive scavenger hunt, a celebratory community menorah lighting, and more. This year’s performers include Ilene Stahl’s Klezperanto, Jeremiah Lockwood and Jewlia Eisenberg’s Book of J, and Sarah Oroeste’s special […]

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Latest from our blog

60% of Interfaith Families in Boston are Raising Children Jewish

There is extraordinary news this morning: according to a demographic study of Boston’s Jewish community released today, 60 percent of intermarried households are raising their children Jewish. Michaal Paulson of the Boston Globe did a front-page story on this remarkable development this morning, and the news is clearly striking a chord. As of 9:20 a.m. […]

Adult Learning in Boston: Parenting Through a Jewish Lens

Parenting Through a Jewish Lens is a program offered through Hebrew College in over a dozen locations in the Greater Boston area (many providing free child care in the daytime!). I recently participated in the program, and it was an incredible experience. The curriculum itself has been continuously updated and modified for several years now (the […]

A Leaky Tent

If you read The Jewish Week, you’ve seen Marvin Schick’s ads before. Tucked towards the back, they occupy a horizontal half-page and are all-text (small type) editorials on matters of import in the Jewish community. I rarely read them, but his ad from last week–which is also online on his blog–caught my attention. Titled “As […]

“Code”: Read

As a member of the Jewish Outreach Institute’s Big Tent Judaism, we recently received JOI’s newest outreach tool, a business-card sized glossary to common Jewish terms. This little pamphlet, called “Cracking the Code,” defines words familiar to insiders–like Shabbat, minyan, Reform Judaism, Hillel–but often bewildering to outsiders. It’s a great little resource; I gave one to a […]

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