Going crabbing for Christmas

My First Christmas as a Jew (to be)

Christmas in the Namimoto household lasted about 15 years. As soon as my siblings and I were old enough to realize the truth about Santa, we started celebrating less and less each year. When I moved to Japan in my 20s, flying home just to celebrate Christmas seemed a bit unnecessary. Making my annual trip back to Los Angeles to surprise […]

candle lighting

A Newlywed Hanukkah & Christmas

Sarah and her husband navigate the December holidays as newlyweds


How We Found the Right Synagogue for Us

How one family decided which synagogue to join and send their daughter to religious school


How to Discuss Anti-Semitism with Youths

By Dr. Ruth Nemzoff Q: I am about to have Jewish grandchildren, and I am terrified! Don’t get me wrong; we love our son-in-law. He has brought out the best in our daughter and they make sensible decisions together. We have never had any complaints; in fact, we are looking forward to learning about new […]

Kristin's conversion

Converting Meant Adding Judaism, Not Losing Japanese

My journey to Judaism started long before I met my now-husband Bryan, but my interest in it deepened because of him and his Jewish heritage. I’ve always been interested in learning about my Japanese heritage, so when Bryan and I started discussing our future together, I was quietly interested in conversion early on.


All the Jewish Infighting is Killing Me

By Debra Lynn Shelton Years ago, my Catholic husband decided he wanted to convert to Judaism. At the time, we’d only been married a few years, and my family belonged to a reform synagogue. My husband signed up for and attended the conversion classes, and over a six-month period he studied history, holidays, religious teachings, […]


Jews Like Me

By Aimee Ellis At Jewish summer camp (Camp Tawonga, to be specific), I felt a little different than the other campers. I wasn’t raised religiously Jewish and was also from a lower income interfaith family. I attended public school with mostly non-white students and had never been to a synagogue in my life. I didn’t […]


Don’t Call Me Bubbe–I’m Grandma.

By Sherrie Bergus On the eve of my first birthday as a grandmother, which happened to be the day of the eclipse, I wrote this manifesto down. It took courage, this but here I am. Like Thoreau before me, I headed out to reflect upon the waters of a beloved lake and declared this: I am a […]


How Do We Talk About Hate as a Family?

By Elizabeth Vocke A couple of weeks ago, as we were going to sleep, my husband said, “I’m sorry there are people out there who don’t like you because of your religion.” I have to say, I was a little startled by the comment, though it was appreciated. As a Conservative Jewish person growing up […]


Mazel Tov to Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom!

A bundle of surprise! Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom, one of our favorite interfaith couples, just welcomed a baby girl. It’s their first child together. Many were surprised and didn’t realize that the couple was expecting. News of Newsom’s pregnancy was kept under wraps from the public. Samberg (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and his musician wife, Newsom, married in […]