Video 8: what is the point of a bridal party?


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The days are flying by and we’re about 2 and half months away from the wedding! Ahhhh! Last night we met with our wedding coordinator to talk about everything. It’s crazy how many details have to be thought of, which apparently was so boring for my future hubby that I caught him playing Fruit Ninja and checking his facebook page multiple times as he ‘pretended’ to be taking ‘notes’ on his phone. Haha. He tried his best to pay attention but I could see he was itching to get out of there, which we did 2 and half hours later. I was proud he made it through but slightly wished that I too could have played Fruit Ninja 🙂

We’re hoping that we can throw an unforgettable night for our guests, but are humble enough to know we cannot do it alone, which leads us to the topic of this video… what’s the point of a bridal party? We need your help with one, so watch it till the end, and PLEASE give us your thoughts! We need it:)

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  • Thanks Lester for the advice! We are assigning tasks to our bridal party and I’m sure they will provide great emotional support too. I also thought it might be a bit of burden to have a group of people to worry about on the wedding day but I think it will work out. We shall see. And I so badly wanted my dog to be a ring bearer but he doesn’t have the attention span for a ceremony or quiet breathing..he’s a pug. 🙂

  • Sorry for the typos. I type terribly. I tend to write stream of consciousness style. Ultimate it depends on what you want, a royal wedding or a symple familial wedding. It is your call

  • Ok Guys, here is the emes. Your being married under a chuppa. You need for people to hold the chuppa (unless it is freestanding). Your parents walk you down the aisle?) They stand under the chuppa. Unless you have a large chuppa and a cold room it is a shvitz bod under the Chuppa. The Rabbi can hold the rings and place the glass under you foot. Your mother could take the bouquet or, really you should have you sister, and a best friend if you want. Other than that the bridal party looks nice. You should give them little gifts as memorbilia (COST) but other than tat I see no reason to pile on. as a rabbi, I have had dogs as ring bearers, avoid little children no matter how cute they are but with a large bridal party you will be sweating some s mall stuff you don’t need. Keep the videos coming  

  • Thanks Bette for the insight. It sounds like the bridal party came in handy. It’s good to know you have the support of closest friends and family and they’re willing to help make your day as special as possible. I’m beginning to see more and more why bridal parties rock:)

  • Depending on your groomsmen and bridesmaids, and IF you do not have a wedding planner on site, the bridal party members can make a huge difference (from the point of view of one of the moms at a 2010 wedding). The day of my son’s outdoor wedding, it poured and his best man took over at the hotel, juggling rooms around, making sure we have the best venues for the ketubah signing, the ceremony, the before-wedding pictures etc. It made a HUGE difference – even though there WAS a wedding planner on site at the hotel. The groom took over; so neither our son nor his fiancee had to worry about those decisions…but of course, this all depends on the people involved…..

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