3 thoughts on “Video 4: what to feed the guests”

  • Hi ya’ll — we are planning to do the exact same thing: veggie/fish/dairy. For the exact same reason as Benjamin above — because dairy dessert is way better than parve! Parve dessert is just a waste of calories — if you’re gonna eat cake, eat good cake! Amen.

  • Congratulations Benjamin! I didn’t know you were getting married too! Awesomeness. Desserts are definitely high up on the food chain. We’re going to do a dessert bar. I figure everyone will be happy with vegetarian as long as it’s yummy. Do you have a wedding date yet?

  • Another great video, thanks!

    I’m also in wedding planning mode. We’re having a vegetarian, milchig (dairy) meal. Basically, we both want to prioritize yummy desserts over meat meals, and there are just better dairy dessert options than parev (food that isn’t milk or meat). We also don’t eat so much meat, appreciate that it’s a way to save money, and have a lot of vegetarian friends. So it works all around!

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