Video 14: Aufruf and more


Hey there IFF!

Here we go with another video where Arel and I talk about the Aufruf before our wedding and the prepping required to ensure it went smoothly. We also discuss music for the ceremony and why that was challenging for us. On a side note: Arel sharpened his video editing skills with imovie to make this particular clip more interesting. Check it out!

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4 thoughts on “Video 14: Aufruf and more”

  • Stagemaven,

    There are vegan, kosher marshmallows that are made without gelatin. Most kosher marshmallows (and other kosher foods that uses gelatin, such as “jello”) use a gelatin that is pareve (neither meat nor dairy) and made from fish bones instead of pork by-product.

  • Sorry – commented in the middle before watching the whole thing. But if you are buying in bulk a retailer should be able to give you a deal. We were serving 120 people.

  • There are kosher marshmellows that are made without gelatin. We just served them at my temple a few weeks ago when we did hot chocolate shots.

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