Vendors – Part II


Today’s vendor blog is about florists…I was so excited after our initial meeting with a highly recommended florist. Like our photographer, she asked all kinds of great questions when she found out our wedding would be interfaith. She asked things like whether there would be a chuppah, and if so, would we want flowers on it, she asked about other decorations (cake table, unity candle table, etc). We set up for her to get a bid to us in the next week or two…that was January 6, and we haven’t heard from her since. I’ve emailed, called, and gotten no response. Wait, to be fair, she did email back once that she was having email issues and hoped to resolve them in the next day or so, but if she couldn’t get it fixed, she’d send a hard copy bid via “snail mail.” But, since then, nothing. At least we hadn’t paid her any money yet.

So, we now have a meeting with another florist – this one doing a very close friend’s wedding 5 weeks before ours – for next week. I’m beginning to have more antsy “oh-my-gosh-we-still-have-tons-to-do” moments, but so far I’ve kept it under control (Bryan might have a different take on that, of course! 🙂 )I’ll let you all know how things go in that meeting.

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