Vendors – Part I: Photographers


Wedding planning is in full swing. When we started planning, Bryan and I had so many decisions to make about the kind of ceremony we wanted – could we do a fully interfaith ceremony without one family or another feeling slighted or favored, who would officiate, where would we have the ceremony (and if it wasn’t in a church, how would my family react?)…

Once we decided to have an interfaith ceremony, I worried that we wouldn’t find vendors who had any clue what we were talking about (not to mention, where would we find a chuppah if we wanted one?). We talked with four different photographers, and this week have finally settled on one with whom Bryan and I are both thrilled.

Our photographer, Howard Pearlman (Plano, TX), is fabulous. He shot Bryan’s Dad and Stepmother’s wedding (Jewish), as well as his Mom and Stepdad’s wedding (Christian). Our first meeting with Howard demonstrated that he was in his element and knew exactly what we’d need. He was the first photographer we talked to who knew what the yichud is, and understood how we’d want to work photos around/with it. He made sure to ask if we were doing the veiling ceremony or a ketubah signing, so that he knew exactly what to include in his bid. He even offered his services in procuring a chuppah, should we want one.

Since the photographer was the first vendor we started interviewing, Howard really has set the standard for every other vendor we’ll talk to. This, of course, is not to say that the other photographers we spoke with were unhelpful or unwilling to work with some of the aspects of our wedding. On the contrary, actually. But, a vendor who knows about different faith traditions for such an important day as a wedding will have an edge from the beginning of our discussions. And, to be honest, it was a relief (especially after our search for co-officiants, which Bryan will get into later) to know that even in “Bible-belt-y Fort Worth, TX” there are professionals who have experience with wedding traditions other than conventional Christianity.

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