The Final Countdown


Hello everyone… I guess the final countdown can officially begin! We’re in the final week before the wedding. Three more days of work, then it’s wedding event time. First, with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, next up are the bachelor and bachelorette parties, then a day of rest, and finally the big day!

You would think that the big news of the weekend is that we picked up our wedding bands, but it isn’t. No, the big news this weekend is that we’ll be able to go on our honeymoon. You see, I don’t have a passport, at least not one that was issued within the last 10 years and while I was at least 16 (or something like that). Ten weeks ago I went to the local postoffice and submitted my passport application, feeling comfortable enough with the length of time we still had to not pay for the passport to be expedited. Well, after weeks of waiting, and really starting to stress over not having my passport, the online status page finally told me that it has been shipped, and that I should have it by this Wednesday. What a huge relief!

I strongly suggest that if there’s even a chance that you’ll be traveling outside of the country within the next 6 months, get your application in now. With the recent passport requirement changes, they are absolutely swamped with applications.

Oh…one other great thing from this weekend is the wedding gift from my dad and step-mom. They came over for dinner Saturday night and brought our gift with them–2 beautiful silver and gold shabbat candle holders, and a matching kiddush cup. Just in time for the wedding ceremony, too! I had just asked my dad the day before if they had a kiddush cup that we could use during the ceremony.

Have a great week!

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