Shower during Passover


Since my last post was about Passover anxiety (at least last year’s Passover anxiety), I thought this post could be about Passover in another vein.

My wonderful, fabulous, Matron of Honor wanted to throw me a shower. She suggested Saturday, April 7 during one of our many emails. Perfect! I thought – Mom and Dad will be in town that weekend for Easter, so Mom can come to the shower, and what better opportunity for Mom to meet more of Bryan’s family? All of the local aunts and (female) cousins were invited to the shower, as were all the grandmothers. We were all set for a great time!

As the weekend planning began, Bryan called Grandma Daneman to see if anyone was interested in a family dinner while my parents were in town. My Mom and Dad have met both Bryan’s parents and his Mom’s extended family, but not the Daneman extended family. So, we thought the weekend would be perfect for that, also. Grandma reminded us, though, that the “perfect weekend” we chose was during Passover. With no chametz in the house, and the family keeping kosher for Passover, no Danemans were really in a position to host a large dinner. And eating out, if you’re keeping kosher for Passover isn’t easy, either, not to mention how big our party would be. With that in mind, it was easy enough to forgo the family meal – it made a very hectic weekend slightly less hectic.

However, this brought up something we hadn’t thought about in planning the shower. My wonderful, fabulous Matron of Honor isn’t Jewish, so she, like I, didn’t think about the shower being during Passover. I had no idea what she was planning to serve for food, though I knew cake would be served (at my request), so I quickly asked if it would be too much trouble to ensure that there be some fruit and veggie trays – some non-chametz, if you will – so that Bryan’s family didn’t have to (a) break Passover kosher rules or (b) sit around watching everyone else eat. She happily agreed and was very careful to make sure that everyone had plenty to eat and drink. The shower was a success and everyone had a great time.

This was a perfect reminder for me that from now on, there are two religious calendars to be mindful of when planning big events. This is not something I hadn’t thought of before, but this was the first time a potential conflict arose. I can guarantee that any calendars in our house will have all the Jewish and Christian holidays marked in big, bold letters (none of this small, italic font at the bottom of the day’s square) so as to help avoid any future faux pas! If anyone has another system that works well for them, I’d love to hear suggestions!

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