Mardi Gras and First Wedding Shower

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Well, folks, sorry for the lapse in posts lately. Bryan and I both fought a flu-like bug, and as soon as we were better (actually, while Bryan was still recovering), we headed to Mobile, Alabama, to visit some of my Dad’s family for Mardi Gras. A little known fact, Mobile actually has the country’s oldest Mardi Gras–it was Mobilians who started New Orleans’s Mardi Gras! Check out some history and fun stuff at the Mobile Bay Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website.

I have cousins (first and second) who are in the various parading organizations, so we usually catch lots of stuff at the parades, and we get to go to a couple of balls each year. These are fun, formal events with food, drinks, and dancing – ladies’ dresses have to be floor-length and men wear tails with white vests and bow-ties. We had a great time!

On Saturday, an aunt and a cousin (my Dad’s cousin, actually) threw Bryan and I our first wedding shower. It was, of course, a Mardi Gras-themed shower, complete with King Cake and a crowning of the king and queen of the shower. In fact, the picture here shows us in our “regalia” with my Great Aunt, the only surviving sibling of my late grandmother. Her piece of King Cake had the baby in it, so the “rules” say that she has to buy next year’s King Cake!

We had such fun visiting with extended family–some of whom I hadn’t seen since I was a small child. Bryan enjoyed meeting even more of my extended family–I think he finally believes that I really am related to half the state of Alabama… when your Dad has 25 first cousins…

The shower was pure fun–no faith questions came up (almost all of Dad’s side is Catholic, so there was the potential). Bryan’s boys each got a large Mardi-Gras teddy bear from my cousin that we brought home for them (they couldn’t join us this trip). It was a great way to end our little mini-vacation. Now, back to the real world… the next wedding milestone is to order invitations. I’m sure there will be a post somewhere in the near future about that!

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