Introducing Our New Couple!!


For those of you who have been around a while, you’ll remember that we’ve had interfaith couples blogging about their wedding preparations, and the ceremony itself, from time to time. The last couple to blog was Lulu and Alx, and you can scroll down to look back on all of that.

But this blog has been vacant for a while… I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open, trying to find an interesting couple who would want to share their experiences with us. And then I found them: Mia and Ethan. Mia wrote an article for last spring, in which she shared details of their relationship, how they shared holidays and family meals with each other.

So when I saw Ethan’s family (I’m good friends with two of his sisters) congratulating the couple on Facebook, I pounced.

Ethan and Mia will start blogging here about their plans for their wedding, the decisions they’re making about religious elements, and more. (I personally hope that Ethan’s step-father, a rabbi, will chime in…)

So update your RSS feeds, keep an eye on our tweets and Facebook posts and you won’t miss a single wedding blog post!

One thought on “Introducing Our New Couple!!”

  • Congrats, Mia and Ethan!

    Lula and I are very happy and excited that someone is taking over our spot on The Hitch! We look forward to reading through your journey.

    All the best,

    Alx Block

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