Happy Birthday RAIDEN!


As I sit here on the eve of our son, Raiden’s first birthday all that I can think about is how good Lu and I have it.

We met so long ago that I can’t actually imagine life without her in it.  It’s amazing how quickly someone binds themselves to you and intertwines with every aspect of your life.  It’s almost as if we have grown up together, which in essence, we have.

In our first year of parenting we have learned to really lean on and support each other.  Our relationship has only grown and strengthened.  We have come to terms with our differences and have learned to love the fact that we are in it together.

We are.  In it together.

When we became pregnant, I was overcome with happiness that Lula was going to be a mother, and that she was going to be a mother to the same child that I would father.  To this day, I couldn’t be happier.

All the time I find myself telling Lu: “I’m so glad it’s you.” I can’t think of anyone that I would rather take this journey with.

Lula: Thank you for being my stronghold.  Thank you for being the best mother that I have ever met.  That you for caring, and thank you for feeling, and thank you (most of all) for being born!  Raiden is lucky.  I am lucky.  We are one lucky family.


Lula and Raiden—on your special day.

This post is for you.

Raiden: Baby boy, Dooker Butt, One-Sock-Block   My son.  My light.  My life.  I know that you are just learning to walk and to talk and to really show us who you are and “I’m so glad it’s you.” You are the best thing to ever happen to us. You amaze us everyday with your strength in body and mind.  You make each moment precious and amazing.  I’m glad that you are our teacher and am honored that we will be able to learn from you for years to come.

I’m so excited that the three of us are embarking on this life together.  Our future is bright.


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