Welcome to G-dcast!



Welcome to the Animated Torahlog, presented by G-dcast.

G-dcast raises Jewish literacy using the tools and storytelling style that speak to today’s youth. In other words, we make online videos. Since 2006, G-dcast has created 68 short films — all available for free on our website — based on classic Jewish texts. Our films have been viewed nearly a million times on the web, social media networks and mobile devices. Over 3000 educators at institutions across the Jewish spectrum and around the world teach using our companion curricula.

But educators aren’t the only people who screen our films — families of all kinds love G-dcast and watch our episodes together as a way of learning together.

We’ll be posting weekly about each parsha and the Jewish holidays as they arrive.

We hope our videos and the accompanying posts leave you feeling a little more educated — and way more excited — about Judaism.

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