Time to pack up


I am so sad to be leaving. My husband and I took our son in the stroller for an evening walk last night. I am so grateful that he indulged me. I had been at the Kotel twice earlier in the day, and I guess I want to go another time. My experiences there have been more powerful and meaningful than last time. The moment I step onto the plaza floor I feel chills. I want to hold on to that feeling of connection for as long as possible. I want to figure out how to keep it.

I am sensing that part of the answer has to do with Shabbat. I took a class at Aish yesterday afternoon and as it turned out it was on Shabbat and not the topic on the schedule. I don’t believe in coincidences, so I tried to remain open to the messages that G-d is sending me. I just watched a video blog by Lori Palatnik, and again just so happens she spoke of connection and Shabbat.

I have been keeping Shabbat for a few years, lighting candles, making a special meal, kiddush and not driving or using electricity. I admit much of the driving force has been because Shabbat is one of the Ten Commandments, and over time I have learned to appreciate and even look forward to disconnecting. Maybe it is time to add another dimension, just not sure what…

Good morning from Jerusalem.

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