When the Jewish people left Egypt, they left behind lives of hardship and slavery.  Lives that were filled without purpose (the Egyptian slave master’s goal was to have the Jewish people do backbreaking pointless work).

The Jewish people physically left Egypt and slavery, but it took some time until they left spiritually.  There were complaints all along the way to Mount Sinai.  They complained at the Sea of Reeds and they complained when they thought they would run out of food.

They saw amazing miracles, yet their souls were still attached to the lives of slavery.

Leaving something (or somewhere) isn’t always easy.  It can mean leaving comfort and the familiar.  The Jewish people were comfortable being slaves.  As long as they were slaves, expectations were low.  They just had to do what they were told from day to day.

Beyond Egypt was a life of complete uncertainty, a life full of potential.

Leaving some thing/one/where can seem sad, but alternatively in the leaving the opportunities can be endless.

This post is part of Twitter’s @imabima’s list of writing prompts for the first two weeks of Nissan leading up to Passover.

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