Day 6: Shopping and onto Shavuot


Today was shopping day for us.  We headed to Machane Yehudah also known as the Shuk.  It was busy as can be expected the day before a holiday.

I realized today that even though there are challenges with day to day living in Israel, I love being here.  I feel the spiritual energy of the city and I end each day on a high.  On the flip side, I’m not sure my husband feels the same way. I see him frustrated with the impatience of the drivers.  He can’t believe the prices of some of the items here.  He is a kind and generally patient person.  He will hold doors open for people, let please pass first if there is a narrow spot.  People are in a rush here,  and walking with a stroller can be challenging in crowded spot.  A friend told us today that you get tough after living here a while.

My husband also got to experience the soft side of Israelis.  Last night a driver honked at us and my husband got out, told him we had no idea where we were going, the driver shook his hand and spent a few minutes giving my husband detailed directions.  Our first night in Jerusalem, the parking machine wouldn’t accept our money so two people waiting in line helped us out, not that we asked, they just did it.

I hope for my husband, those positive experiences will outlast the annoyances of the day to day.

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