I remember as a child I would count the number of pages until Shulchan Orech, the main meal of the Passover Seder.  I remember that it always took so long to get to Korech, the Matzah sandwich, which meant the meal was soon to follow.

These days I count everything with my son.  The number of flowers in a bunch, fingers on a hand or sides of a shape.

I’m not so quick to count pages in the Haggadah any more.  A friend gave me probably the best wisdom.  We put so much effort into preparing for Passover.  We clean the house of Chametz, we shop for Matzah and our Passover food needs and we cook the meals.  Why rush through the Seder?  Savour it all, one delicious page at a time.

Because if you are counting, the days and years go by so quickly.

This post is part of Twitter’s @imabima’s list of writing prompts for the first two weeks of Nissan leading up to Passover.

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