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Given our readership, I thought this might appeal to some of you. And you might know of others who would be interested:

Left Field Productions is casting for a new show on a major cable network. They’re looking for people who are dealing with their in-laws about cultural/religion issues.

It’s a 6 day commitment; the family comes together and talks through the issues with a mental health/family counselor. The idea is to bring the family closer together by the end.

Participants will be financially compensated. And, if the family is geographically separated, the show will pay to have everyone in the same place.

They are looking to film late April/early May.

Interested? Know someone who might be? Spread the word!

Interested people should contact Amy Cummings at 212-564-2607 x 2339 or by email at [email][/email].

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  • Update: they’re still looking!

    A brand new TV show for a major network is casting married couples who come from different religious or cultural backgrounds.  In particular we are looking for couples who have struggled with each others’ families and would benefit from work with a relationship expert.  All families who are cast will receive generous financial compensation.  If this sounds like something that might be right for you, please call Joanna Zwickel at 212-564-2607 Ex:2317, or email

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