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I do not know how things have come to this pass, but somehow, I have figured out an excuse two very good reasons to embed a Monty Python video on my work blog:

1. Monty Python has just announced their own Youtube channel. They are going to post all of their own material. So this is based on BREAKING NEWS, people!

2. Monty Python created one of the best-known stories about a young man growing up in an (admittedly dysfunctional) interfaith family, Life of Brian. Of course, Life of Brian is also, to many many people, one of the most offensive movies of all time. That’s why I’m going to post the embedded video under a cut. Beware of the blasphemy, bad language and blasphemous bad language. I am serious–this movie offended Christians and Jews alike.

My first-year college roommate, raised Catholic, was very upset when she saw this movie. She thought she was an ex-Catholic, but people hang on to things from their religious upbringing longer than they think. I had sent her to see it and had to apologize.

(Goodness, the Wikipedia article about the movie says that there was an oratorio based on the movie called Not the Messiah. Be still my geeky heart.)

I saw Life of Brian when it came out in Jerusalem in 1981. I was on a teen program in Israel that taught Jewish history, so I got every joke. My two geeky girlfriends from the program and I laughed louder than anyone else in the audience. I think the Israelis knew the history but couldn’t hear through the accents. Or maybe they were just offended and didn’t think it was funny. Not like my later experience of seeing Yellow Submarine in Tel Aviv in 1994, with everyone around me singing all the songs.

Anyway, this isn’t my favorite scene from the film, but the Pythons haven’t posted the most apposite one. (You know, the one with the line about being a Red Sea pedestrian? Oh well.) Here it is below the cut.

One thought on “Very naughty”

  • I have always loved Life of Brian. I remember a friend of mine who is a liberal pastor would say, only partially tongue in cheek, that you could a really good idea of the Jesus story from Life of Brian.

    As usual with Monty Python, there is much deep thought with the outrageous humor. The scene with him waking up in the morning and opening the window to find all of Jerusalem there and his arguing with them about how they need to think for themselves is one that stands out.

    BTW, the woman who plays his girlfriend is now the mayor of a small Scottish town, and recently took up the symbolic cause of removing the town’s ban on showing the movie. She did say she was quite happy her hometown had such a ban at the time, so her parents could not see her in her birthday suit in the movie, however!

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