Two Definites, One Maybe

Definitely, Maybe

Opening on Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin called Definitely, Maybe. Yawn.

But Jewdar, a blogger on Heeb magazine’s website, points out that two of the three leading women–Elizabeth Banks and Isla Fisher–are converts to Judaism. Banks converted in 2003 upon marrying her college boyfriend, Max Handelman, and Fisher recently converted to marry Sacha Baron Cohen (AKA Borat). Moreover, the third leading lady, Rachel Weisz, has a Jewish father and a mother who may be a Jewish Holocaust survivor or may be a Viennese Catholic.

On top of that, Reynolds is currently dating, and rumoted to be considering engagement to, Scarlett Johannson, whose mother is Jewish. Now if only Breslin started dating one of the members of the Naked Brothers Band

2 thoughts on “Two Definites, One Maybe”

  • I want to clarify my remarks. I believe that all sincere converts to Judiasm should be accepted as Jews. What I don’t accept are the “conversions” of individuals who only convert for marriage. Both of these actresses have made it clear that is the only reason that they “converted.”
    I was especially disapointed in Isla who is reportedly undergoing an Othodox conversion. She told a British newspaper that she would convert to any belief system to please Sacha and that religion wasn’t important to her. It’s clear that Isla “converted” only to please Sacha’s parents and for her upcoming wedding.
    These kind of fraudulant conversions are a disrepectful to Judiasm and real sincere converts.

  • These converts are phony to say the least. Elizabeth and Isla only “converted” to please their in-laws and to get married in a Jewish ceremony. Once their marriages are over they will go back to being secular Christians that they are and will always be. Isla once said that religion doesn’t matter and that she was only “converting” to please Sacha, who by the way is a secular and cultural Jew. It’s been falsely reported that he’s an Orthodox Jew and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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