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Julie Wiener, author of the column “In the Mix” for The (New York) Jewish Week, is probably the most widely read regular writer on intermarriage. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also a terrific writer with an eye for interesting takes on the subject (and she’s intermarried to boot). She just started a website to catalogue her columns.

The cover story of the new issue of the j., the Jewish news weekly of northern California, is about interfaith burials. It combines the JTA article from January with original reporting, including the encouraging news that a new cemetery has opened in San Francisco’s East Bay that will primarily cater to intermarried couples.

A couple weeks ago, The (Pittsburgh) Jewish Chronicle ran a good-sized story on Scott Shay’s flawed book How To Get Our Groove Back, which is based on flawed assumptions about Jewish demographic strength and includes useless policy recommendations like suggesting the Reform movement dump patrilineal descent. The Pittsburgh article covers a number of criticisms of the book.

The j. also has an intriguing article about “identity envy” as well as a cover story from a couple weeks ago about converts who choose Judaism for themselves, not for a Jewish partner.

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