The Link Sink


Some links for y’all:

  • Sue Fishkoff’s Hadassah magazine package on converting non-Jewish spouses is now available online. It includes quotes from IFF President and Publisher Ed Case.
  • For several years, I was a loyal reader of, which was founded by Binyamin Cohen. But when Cohen left Jewsweek to help start up Atlanta Jewish Life–which is easily the hippest, most accessible Jewish magazine in the country (sorry Heeb)–Jewsweek fell into disrepair. took it over, but every time you visited it said something like “Come back soon for the new Jewsweek!” Finally, after a year-and-a-half hiatus, Jewsweek is back! It’s not quite what it was when Cohen was running things, but it still is a solid spot to find edgy and hip Jewish stories. Like this one from Israeli Jewsweek columnist Orit, on dating a non-Jewish man for the first time. And if you’re interested in a contrary perspective from an equally hip, but more serious perspective, read this critique of Orit on Jewlicious.
  • Hillel has a profile on National Public Radio broadcaster Scott Simon, who is the child of a Catholic mother and Jewish father and also has adopted a non-Jewish child from China.

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