The Good and the Bad


Some good news and bad news today.

First, the bad: Our favorite quasi-famous child of an interfaith home with an unsightly tendency to pick his nose, Mr. Boston, has been booted off “I Love New York.” He was one of the final six contestants for the love of New York, ne Tiffany Patterson, formerly the runner-up for the love of deranged rapper Flavor Flav in “Flavor of Love.” But don’t worry, Mr. Boston fans, apparently your favorite uncoordinated CPA may be in line for his own show.

(And if you didn’t understand any of the last paragraph, you probably live a fulfilling, meaningful life.)

As for the good news: the folks at the JTNews, Seattle’s Jewish newspaper, have launched a new site, Designed in the vein of other hip Jewish sites like Jewsweek and Jewlicious, it’s intended to provide a forum for Jewish content for 20- and 30-something Jewish Seattle-ites. While there are numerous sites like it on a national level, it’s the first example of an attempt at creating a hip Jewish communal website on a community level that I know of outside New York.

One of the first posts on the site is from Neal Schindler, who explains how his interest in Jewish culture came from his non-Jewish girlfriend:

The culture you were raised in comes and finds you, as it turns out, in the oddest of ways. For over a year I’ve been dating a woman raised Protestant — the daughter of a minister, in fact — and her passion for Jewish politics and culture, more than that of anyone else I’ve met here, has compelled me to go to Shabbat services, celebrate Tu B’Shevat with Jewish friends, and, yes, become a writer for

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