The December Holidays Survey in the News


For the first time in the three-year history of doing our December holidays survey, JTA has done an entire story about the survey! Frankly, I can’t say enough about what a terrific piece of reporting Sue Fishkoff did. It presents the survey results in a balanced, nuanced, contextual light, and is clear about the survey’s limits and its strengths. Fishkoff was also careful to make clear that we don’t encourage interfaith families to have Christmas trees, but we do say that the simple existence of a Christmas tree in a house does not prevent children from being raised Jewish.

In addition to Julie Wiener’s discussion of the survey in her column last week, there have been stories on the survey in the Tulsa World and the Portland Press-Herald and the Detroit Free Press article was reprinted in the News-Democrat (Belleville, Ill.), the Reading Eagle (Penn.), Providence Journal, the Florida Ledger (Lakeland), the Chattanooga Times Free Press (Tenn.), the Centre Daily Times (Pa.), the Bradenton Herald (Fla.) and the Monterey County Herald. And there may be more press coming in Philadelphia and Atlanta.

In addition, President and Publisher Ed Case was recently interviewed for “Your Morning” on CN8, the Comcast Network, and “Busted Halo with Father Dave Dwyer” on Sirius Radio. We also got a nice shout-out from Miss Conduct in her column in the Boston Sunday Globe Magazine. (She called a “terrific site”–thanks, Miss C.!)

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