Talking Torah on the Internet


There are a lot of nifty ways to study Torah on the internet. It’s a great way to get an introduction to Judaism–you can get weekly commentaries from a Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist or Jewish Renewal perspective. But this new one has me smiling.

Banjo sculptureMy old friend Michael Carasik, who is involved in the amazingly cool project of translating the major compendium of Torah commentaries for the Jewish Publication Society, has a podcast! It’s called, not very originally, Torah Talk. He’s a major scholar these days, and I knew him when. We used to ride the commuter train to Brandeis together, and unfortunately I associate his voice with joking, so listening to these commentaries is cracking me up. These weekly Torah commentaries aren’t silly but they are light and I think accessible to anyone. Let me know if you think so, too.

I thought it was pretty neat when Michael and his wife Yaffa sent us a New Year’s card and mentioned that the new volume of The Commentator’s Bible. I mean, I get advance notice of a lot of new publications because I surf the web, but there is something special about getting advance notice of a major publication in handwriting. But the podcast–that brings us up to the 21st century!

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