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I really enjoyed this week’s G-dcast. I blogged about this Jewish web resource when it first started publishing. It’s a way to learn about the Torah portion of the week. This week’s portion is Yitro, which is the Hebrew pronunciation of Jethro. The portion is named after Moses’ father-in-law, who was not Jewish. Leah Jones, who narrates the nice little cartoon of the portion, draws from the story a lesson about how to give constructive criticism. This is, you cultural Jews may be surprised, a big issue in Judaism. How do you let someone know they are doing something wrong without shaming them or causing them to rebel and not reform their behavior? You aren’t just supposed to come up and kvetch at the person…even though that’s what we often do.

The commentary spoke to me both as a person who doesn’t get enough stuff done, and as a person listening to how the Jewish community deals with interfaith families. People! You don’t go up and complain at them and tell them why they are terrible! You listen to Leah now:

Parshat Yitro from g-dcast on Vimeo.
Parshat Yitro from

More Torah cartoons at

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