Pop Culture Link Roundup


Yeah, I know, I’m not exactly up to date on pop culture. I know everything that’s happening in a certain corner of the internet, but it’s an awfully geeky corner. Sometimes, though, the goodies come to me.

Hillel, The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, ran a short interview with Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg, the child of an interfaith family. Everyone in my office informed me that they didn’t like Rosenberg’s behavior on the reality television program. I never saw the show, and I thought he looked kind of cute–but where are the recipes?

There was a review of the new Star Trek movie in Variety and it looks like a total InterfaithFamily.com plot: Spock’s childhood choice to identify with his Vulcan side when the humans teased him too much. I guess it’s a requirement of my job to go to both this movie and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–two bicultural heroes who have to choose to identify with one side or the other of their heritage. (Oh, come on, that is not a spoiler, the entire world read that book.)

Here’s a useful link for IFF readers:  an online guide to Jewish wedding traditions. How is that pop culture? Well, I got it from a friend on Twitter. Twitter is pop culture, right?

Here’s a link that might not be useful but you won’t be sorry if you follow it:  Maira Kalman added another page to her blog with art at the New York Times, And The Pursuit of Happiness. In her description of a visit to the US Supreme Court, Kalman writes:

And then I meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is petite and elegant. I think, move over Jane Austen as my imaginary best friend forever. Make room for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who would have gone to my high school for music if her parents had let her. Whose favorite artist is Matisse. (I rest my case.)

Maira Kalman is my imaginary BFF.

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