Of Shofars, Slingshots and Secrets


There are a couple of great links today:

  • Julie Wiener, who writes a great column on intermarriage for the Jewish Week in New York, has a particularly good piece today on “coming out” as intermarried in the organized Jewish community. Having a non-Jewish girlfriend and having worked in traditional Jewish journalism from 2001 to 2005, I can empathize; I never lied about her religion, but I would often cleverly maneuver the conversation to other subjects.
  • Not to toot our own horn, but InterfaithFamily.com got top billing in a JTA article on Slingshot, a guidebook to 50 innovative Jewish organizations. Slingshot is in its second year, and put out by Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies’ 21/64 division. The Bronfman Philanthropies is one of the most forward-thinking Jewish philanthropies around, and they’ve done all sorts of interesting things around issues relating to Jewish identity, including a study of young Jews’ attitudes toward Judaism, an erudite Jewish mag called Guilt & Pleasure and their biggest achievement, the co-creation of Taglit-birthright israel.
  • Speaking of tooting one’s horn, check out this article in the Boston Globe on the Great Shofar Blowout. Based in the North Shore of Boston, the Great Shofar Blowout is an attempt to break the world record for most amount of shofars simultaneously played. It has no religious significance, but it’s an example of a great, non-traditional Jewish event that opens the world of Jewish life to people–like many intermarried families–who are reluctant to make the synagogue their first point of Jewish entry. It’s also one of the featured events in the High Holidays Snapshot we put out earlier this week.

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