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I like any opportunity to show how Jewish culture can be integrated with other cultures and make a beautiful hybrid. I don’t know what culture should take responsibility for marshmallow Peeps, but I think you’ll join me in enjoying Peeps for Passover. Yes! The 10 Plagues, acted out by PEEPS! (No, no, Peeps are not kosher for Passover–for most kashrut authorities, they aren’t kosher at all, being made with gelatin–but Peeps as an artistic medium is clearly an idea whose time has come.) Ooh, there’s also a photo Moses Parting the Red Sea–of Peeps. We are living in some interesting times!

Jenn Forman Orth, Jelly Fruit Slices

Let me know if you figure out anything visually clever to do with the Passover fruit slice candy. (They are

my five-year-old’s favorite candy, so probably we’re just going to eat them–though I was thinking about how awesome they could look in a bento-style kosher-for-Passover preschool lunchbox.) Jenn Forman Orth, who posted this photo on Flickr, says she doesn’t like them. (Is it bad that I hope you start debating the aesthetics of Easter and Passover candy in the comments?)

I was reading Hadassah Magazine today, and in a sidebar on page 23, they reported on a family who make matzah houses instead of gingerbread houses. It was pretty amusing–unfortunately I don’t have a photo of Molly Zuckerman’s house, but I found a similar one on the Chrismukkah site. I’m not sure if we’ll do that this year. My son would love it but I think my mom would freak out. Though it would provide something good to do with the huge container of kosher-for-Passover confectioner’s sugar and the Passover margarine that for some reason only comes in one-pound blocks this year.

This is fun, too: Jennifer 8. Lee, as part of promoting her book The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, has put up a blog page about Jews and Chinese Food. I see that she has up the recent Jewish Telegraphic Agency article about the rabbi doing kosher certification (hashgacha) in China, and my favorite Youtube video this past Christmas, Brandon Harris Walker’s Chinese Food on Christmas.

Of course at this point my family is thinking, “That’s fine about Christmas, but what are we going to eat on Passover?” We have a lot of good recipes on our site here at IFF. I think my favorite past article is Ay Vey, A Kosher for Passover Easter…With Recipes by Teresita Levy.

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  • I’m so pleased that you found this and linked back to us! No one here can understand why you don’t like marmelades, but I guess de gustibus non disputandum.

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