Moms Need a New Name


The gauntlet’s been thrown. (Thanks, Julie Wiener!)

She writes,

I’m still looking for good names for gentile women raising Jewish kids. Perhaps someone like the Jewish Outreach Institute or should sponsor a contest, hint hint.

Hopefully they’d come up with something better than JOI Associate Executive Director Paul Golin’s (joking I hope) suggestion to me, via Facebook, that we call them MORBs: mothers of other religious backgrounds. A bit too close to “morbid” for my taste.

So here we go: non-morbid MORBs (it’s not too close to “morbid” for me, but does sound like a cyborg model or something), is there an acronym, nickname, pet name, title of choice that you’d like to be called?

Leave your suggestions in the comments. In our next eNewsletter, I’ll poll readers to find out which suggestion is their favorite. The winner will receive a whole bunch of books (for adults and kids)!

Ready, set, leave your comments!

Update: vote for your favorite entry!

8 thoughts on “Moms Need a New Name”

  • On twitter, one quick entry for “how about just ‘moms’?”

    On Facebook, the “moms” suggestion was echoed.

  • Also on Facebook:
    – Simple: NJPRJK (“non-Jewish parent raising Jewish kid(s)”)

    – How about “kinderschik,” a mix of “kinder” and “Schikse” – meant in a lovable, ironic way, of course.

    – “Baby-goimma”? Mix of “baby-momma” and “goi?” (Again, not trying to be insulting here…just foolin’ around, people!)

    – momikleh: (mom+shikseleh).

    – ‎”My Non-Yiddishe Mama

    Also on Twitter:
    – “Miracle workers”

  • Another from Facebook:

    I know a few women in this position and say the best word is “brave”. The fact that they come into tribe and work so hard to pass down Jewish values is commendable. There is a lot more to being Jewish than showing up at shul a few times a year. These women take it on with an open mind and heart.

  • It’s over a generation since the intermarriage rate passed 52%  That means that non-Jewish mothers of Jewish kids are not an abberation, but the norm, even the majority in many/most synagogues.

    Therefore:  Majorette
                    or NorMa

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