Lindsay Lohan Choosing Judaism?


It looks like Lindsay Lohan is interested in converting to Judaism. According to several news sources including the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and Haaretz Lohan announced her intentions on her Facebook page with a profile change. (By the way, has a Facebook fan page and you are welcome to join!)

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, recently went to London for Ronson’s brother’s bar mitzvah. One part of the media blitz on this topic disturbed me. Every article I have read on the topic spoke of how she was only doing this to please her girlfriend. Lohan has explored other religions in the past and it seems unfair to say that she is just converting for love. Maybe Ronson introduced her to Judaism, but I hope she is making this decision for herself.

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2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Choosing Judaism?”

  • I know people who converted to Judaism and sometimes they are more ardent than people who were born into the religion. It depends on the level of sincerity and motivation.

  • i’m not really sure i buy into this whole story. to me, it sounds like Ms. Lohan is trying to thrust herself back into the media since her career has basically stalled. i get the impression Sam Ronson is not particularly religious, but has some sort of attachment to Judaism (which sounds like a lot of people today). as for Lindsay converting just to please her partner, i disagree with her intentions. keep in mind i’m not a religious person. but if people want to convert they should do it because they feel it’s something they want, not what other people want. granted, a relationship with a Jewish person can hold some influence over a non-Jewish partner’s decision to convert but it shouldn’t be the only reason to do so.

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