Let My People…Laugh


Tis the season for matzah, wine and sometimes really bad food–unless you make one of our excellent staff recommended recipes, of course. As Passover approaches, so do the parodies of the holiday. Over the years I have seen many versions of the haggadah, the book of songs, stories and prayers read during the Passover seder (meal). This year it was taken to a new level when I was forwarded the Facebook Haggadah. For those of you on Facebook –this is hysterical. For those of you not on Facebook, you may find it slightly humorous but I have some other great links for you.

I found this video on YouTube and it made me smile. I’m particularly excited to share it with my non-Jewish husband who, while having attended many Passover seders over the past six years may find it useful in explaining what’s going on. (It’s after the cut.)

A couple of other links I’d recommend for a smile or a chuckle are 20 things to do with Matzah and JibJab’s Matzah video.

Since I’m always up for a good laugh, let us know what other humorous Passover parodies you’ve come across. In the meantime, Happy Passover!

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