Jewish Mourning in Mexico–A Comedy?


I’ve been meaning for some time to write about my Twitter pal, Rabbi Joshua Kullock, the rabbi of Guadalajara, Mexico. He blogs at Kol Ha-Kehila. If you are looking for Spanish-language resources to share information about Judaism with Spanish-speaking extended family, Rabbi Kullock does a regular online class on the prophet Amos in Spanish, and you can watch the class after it as aired as a recording, though you have to register. (I’m posting this now in part because I finally registered and figured out how to listen to it.)

I thought of Rabbi Kullock when I saw this crazy movie trailer. This is the second movie trailer I’ve seen about a shivah, the Jewish traditional week of mourning after a funeral–but this one is a comedy. Thanks to Aliza Hausman for bringing it to my attention–she saw the movie at Limmud NY and said it was as funny as it looks. It might not require the high level of Spanish that listening to Rabbi Kullock does–it’s somewhat less intellectual! Also, there are subtitles: In English it’s called My Mexican Shivah.

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