Jewish Congressman to Marry Muslim State Department Aide


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Brooklyn, Queens) is engaged to marry Huma Abedin, a member of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s staff at the State Department, the New York Daily News reported Sunday. Weiner is a strong supporter of Israel in Congress, leaning to the right on many issues, as the English-language Israeli news website Arutz Sheva reported. For example, Weiner has introduced a bill, the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act, designed to “halt Saudi support for institutions that fund, train, incite, encourage, or in any other way aid and abet terrorism, and to secure full Saudi cooperation in the investigation of terrorist incidents…”

Abedin, who was born in the U.S. to an Indian father and a Pakistani mother, spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia and returned to the US to attend George Washington University. She has developed a reputation for poise that is based partly on her beauty and fashion sense and partly on the skills she’s evidenced working for Clinton for the last 12 years. Weiner is 44 and Abedin is 33.

This seems from the outside like the perfect example of the assets and difficulties that people on our site have reported they face in Jewish-Muslim interfaith relationships. The couple shares values — both Weiner and Abedin have parents who were educators and each of them is a highly-competent professional. On the other hand, they may have to work through political disagreements. In this case, in spite of the high profile of the relationship, Abedin’s reputation for discretion means the public may never know which issues cause conflict for them. She never even seems to sweat. If only we could all be as suave.

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