Intermarriage in Israel


A new study claims that 10 percent of marriages in Israel are intermarriages, and that only 58 percent of all families in Israel have a Jewish father and Jewish mother, says Ynet.

New Family, an Israeli organization dedicated to advancing the rights of non-traditional families, conducted the study. It was based on an analysis of divorce filings because the only source for official marriage registration in Israel, the Chief Rabbinate, does not keep track of intermarriages. Among those mixed couples, the majority (65 percent) are between immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The study also showed that 57 percent of interfaith couples in Israel are raising their children Jewish–as compared to 33 to 39 percent in the U.S.

The survey also looked at Israelis’ opinions on intermarriage. Sixty percent of Israelis said they oppose intermarriages, while 17 percent said they are not opposed to intermarriage but would object if one of their children wanted to marry a non-Jew. Opposition was strongest among the religious, of course, but was also higher among the old as compared to the young and among the married than the unmarried.

A report on the survey is available on New Family’s website.

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