Interfaith Issues Around the Country


Many Jewish papers have picked up on JTA’s story on burial options for interfaith families; several have done their own localized version of the story. The (Pittsburgh) Jewish Chronicle’s story, which unfortunately is not on-line, takes a somewhat rosier view of the available options than the JTA story; several cemeteries in the Pittsburgh area allow interfaith burials, although it’s not entirely clear how many or which ones. The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix article focuses on the fact that there are numerous options for interfaith burials in the Phoenix area, including a number that allow for side-by-side burials. And a reporter from the New Jersey Jewish News recently contacted us with interest in doing an article on interfaith burial options in his area.

In southeastern Virginia, the local federation has stopped offering an outreach program for interfaith families. The Community Interfaith Program had only been around since 2005, but the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater’s executive vice president, Harry Graber, said the program lost steam “because of staffing changes and restructuring by local Jewish organizations,” according to The Virginian-Pilot.

Further north, in northeastern Pennsylvania, the local federation has started an intermarriage task force that gives interfaith couples a chance to meet and talk once a month. It’s being chaired by Carol Weiss Rubel, the child of an interfaith family who has written for us in the past.

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