Holiday Round-up, Continued


Trying to keep up with the deluge of interfaith family-related stories during the holiday season:

  • The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles has a fun story about “MeshugaNutcracker: A New Chanukah Musical!”
  • The Canadian Jewish News has a fine story on our Third Annual December Holidays Survey.
  • The News and Observer (N.C.) has an article about the Jewish couple that started the greeting card company for interfaith families, Mixed Blessings.
  • The Patriot-Ledger (Mass.) has a story on Jewish Holidays: A Brief Introduction for Christians, a new book by Rabbi Kerry Olitzky and Rabbi Daniel Judson.
  • The Hickory Daily Record (N.C.) has a story about a woman from an interfaith family who grew up celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah and is now married to a Jewish man. They celebrate Hanukkah with their kids, but give Christmas gifts to each other on the last night of Hanukkah.
  • The News-Journal (Delaware) has an article about an interfaith family raising their kids Jewish who do Hanukkah at home and Christmas at the in-laws.
  • The Times-Dispatch (Richmond, Va.) had three stories about how different interfaith couples are balancing Hanukkah and Christmas.
  • The Jewish Week (New York, N.Y.) has a sidebar on a Christmas-Hanukkah musical revue that features a song–“Angelo Rosenbaum”–about a Jewish man from an interfaith family whose Jewish girlfriend wants him to give up the Christmas tree and his Christian girlfriend wants him to dump the menorah. “That Time of the Year” runs through Dec. 25.
  •, a user-generated site, has a fine column from a non-Jewish woman married to a Jewish man who asks the four questions of Hanukkah:
    1) Do Jews have Hanukkah decorations?
    2) What kinds of gifts are given each night?
    3) How do you spell Hanukkah?
    4) What do you tell Jewish children about Santa?
  • Elana King-Perkins, coordinator of the Interfaith Family Resource Center at Boston’s Jewish Family & Children’s Service, has a helpful set of holiday tips for interfaith families in the Malden Observer (Mass.).
  • The Detroit News has an article about how interfaith couples celebrate the holidays and how a few Detroit-area synagogues welcome interfaith families.
  • The Daily-Record (Wooster, Ohio) has an article about the origins of Hanukkah and the irony that some interfaith families blend Hanukkah and Christmas, given that Hanukkah’s origins come from rebels who were fighting assimilation.
  • The Bluefield Daily Telegraph (W.V.) has an article about how Hanukkah has become so commercialized. It’s similar in content, if not tone, to this article from the Chronicle-Dispatch (Ohio).

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