Hillary Clinton on the Upcoming Wedding


Thanks to Phillip Weiss for putting this story out – Hillary Clinton was interviewed by NBC Nightly News on July 18 and starting at about 14 minutes and 54 seconds into the interview, she was asked how she felt about Chelsea marrying “in an interfaith context:”

I think it says a lot about not only the two young people involved and their strong love but also their deep faith, both of them. But it says a lot about the United States, it says a lot about this wonderful experiment known as America, where we recognize the right that every single person has to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And over the years so many of the barriers that prevented people from getting married, crossing lines of faith, or color or ethnicity, have just disappeared. Because what’s important is, Are you making a responsible decision, have you thought it through, do you understand the consequences? And I think that in the world we’re living in today, we need more of that…

Other than pretty much confirming that Bill Clinton will not be officiating, Secretary Clinton didn’t disclose any more details about the wedding. When she said both Chelsea and Marc have “deep faith,” maybe that suggests a co-officiated ceremony. It remains a mystery.

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3 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton on the Upcoming Wedding”

  • The Huffington Post published a piece I wrote about what the Clinton-Mezvinsky wedding might look like if it is a Jewish ceremony or has elements of one. Check it out!

  • Mr. Sider — sorry you took offense but I beg to differ. InterfaithFamily.com has been careful to avoid malicious gossip about Chelsea Clinton’s upcoming wedding. We highlight it because there is tremendous public interest in the wedding of children of presidents, and IF the wedding has Jewish elements or is officiated by a rabbi or the couple decide to have a Jewish family and children, that could help to influence attitudes in the Jewish community toward more accepting and welcoming attitudes and it could help influence attitudes among interfaith couples to engage in Jewish life. What this couple decides to do could in fact have a major impact and it is very worthy of our coverage.

  •   Dear Mr. Case: I find it ironic that the email I received today (Tisha B’Av) from the organization had as it’s lead item more about the Clinton/Mezvinsky wedding. Even if the event is generating considerable “buzz” in the Jewish community, the coverage and conversation is nothing more than gossip, a form of lashon hara (evil speech) that Jewish tradition teaches we should  avoid because of the great harm gossip can cause. Indeed, we are taught that the Second Temple was destroyed (an event we remember on Tisha B’Av) as punishment for the causeless hatred (often a consequence of gossip) that was prevalent in ancient Israel at that time.  Would there be buzz over the details of the wedding if the parties were named Cohen and Kelly? Of course not. Why do we need to know whether any celebrity is intermarried, dating someone of a different religion, or is a child of intermarriage? We don’t. Interfaith Family.Com does important work; facilitating gossip is both un-Jewish and harmful to the organization’s image.

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