Has This Product Solved The December Dilemma?


Let me set the scene. David Levy, Managing Editor of JewishBoston.com, declared:

If Manischewitz can market Chanukah gingerbread houses, I declare the “December Dilemma” officially solved.

What do you think? Will this kit, complete with white and blue icing and decorations, solve your gingerbread house needs? Would you make one with your family? Would your in-laws approve?

Just between you and me, I kinda love it. And maybe wanted to buy it a few months back when I first saw it in stores. And, because I’m a bit of a Jewish nerd, I love that the kit includes a mezuzah to affix to the vanilla cookie home’s doorway.

And, for the next day or so, JoyOfKosher.com is giving away a kit to one lucky winner. Enter now!

2 thoughts on “Has This Product Solved The December Dilemma?”

  • What exactly is the “December Dilemma?” Judging by my friends’ responses, the dilemma is different for everyone. For me, for example, the dilemma has been how to deal with the overwhelming burden of gifts for the kids every night for eight nights. I am the non-Jewish parent and am used to celebrating a completely non-religious Christmas on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — tree, pine garlands, mistletoe, festive crab feast on Christmas Eve, stockings, Santa Claus bringing the presents, and most of all family time.

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