Hanukkah is coming!


I have to admit in the past I have not been the biggest Hanukkah fan. I work two jobs and take care of my 2 ½ year old. My husband has an even busier schedule and the last thing I want to do is when I get home is add to an already busy evening routine with greasy food and Hanukkah blessings, songs and games. I do enjoy these activities, but eight days in a row!

This year is different. My son is learning about Hanukkah at his preschool and has spent the last week practicing putting the candles in the Menorah. It is really cute to watch and a great way to practice his hand-eye coordination. Also, I have decided to make my own latkes. (If anyone has a recipe which does not include grating potatoes, please send it my way.)

Plus, we have many holiday parties. Not only do we have two preschool parties, but this Sunday we are attending three Hanukkah celebrations. Our synagogue is having a party for children. Then the JCC of Greater Boston is planning a Fiesta with crafts and a concert for children. Then we will end the day with menorah lighting in our town square.
The following week we were invited to a holiday party at an Indian family’s house. Though this year the Indian festival of lights, Dilwali, does not coincide with Hannukah, we have promised a night of lights and celebration. After a week of Hanukkah I will appreciate the diversity this Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s holiday party will offer!

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  • I buy the “Simply Potatoes” brand “Shredded Hash Browns” which are just packaged grated potatoes and are found in my local supermarket in the refrigerator section between the eggs and refrigerator biscuits. They are kosher pareve with an OU hechsher. Then just add egg and flour/matzoh meal, a little salt and pepper, and grated or chopped onions if you want, and they are ready to fry.

    This year, I’m thinking of trying one of the baked latke recipes with these grated potatoes. Not because the frying is less healthful, but because I’d like to have a way to make more latkes at a time without trying to have more than one frying pan going at once. Besides, my stove top is still greasy from the fried veggie wontons that I made to bring to a Hanukkah potluck on Sunday night, even after wiping it down multiple times with a soapy sponge.

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