From Mormon to Jew


New kid on the block blog Kveller has a new post up, written by Mayim Bialik. You might remember her from Blossom – she played the title role. You might now notice her on The Big Bang Theory, playing the deliciously nerdy (and stealthily modestly dressed) girlfriend to Sheldon.

She’s written about her husband Mike’s conversion to Judaism. He was raised a Mormon:

Yes, you heard me right: my husband was raised Mormon. How Mormon? Well, let’s see… Sunday school, accepting the priesthood, baptizing the dead, family in Utah who don’t drink hot beverages and strongly disapprove of “Big Love.” Should I stop now? Yes. Very Mormon.

So how did his family react?

Mike’s decision to convert to Judaism after five years of dating “SuperJew” (that would be one of my nicknames) was welcomed by his family. They saw his identification with any religion better than the identification with none  that he had happily had since he left the Church due to disbelief and disinterest at the age of 12. In addition, an understanding and appreciation of Judaism is integral to the Mormon religion, and the Jews are regarded as a people chosen by G-d to receive the Ten Commandments and the Old Testament.

Really, you should just head over and read the full article on Kveller.

4 thoughts on “From Mormon to Jew”

  • Yes, divorce is permitted in Judaism, in all denominations including Orthodoxy. (Traditional Jewish law actually includes outlines for cases where divorce is not only permitted, but encouraged.)

  • Not so strange. I effectively left my orthodox Jewishness behind at the age of 12 and was never bar mitzvah, but I’m culturally and ethnically Jewish to the core.

  • LOL.  How silly.  A 12 year old leaves his church and his wife calls him “very Mormon.”  Dishonest and silly…

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