Follow-Up on Yesterday’s Post on Catholic-Jewish Relations


I really liked Leyna Krow’s shorter version of my post on the blog out of Seattle.

Today, Ha’aretz ran the story that the Vatican spoke officially against Williamson’s Holocaust denial. (Hat tip to Rebecca Lesses.) I think this is going to unfold in some interesting ways for Catholics and Jews.

By a weird coincidence, the day after I read so much about Catholic Traditionalists who didn’t like Vatican II, I got a book for review from Norton. It was a memoir called Waiting for the Apocalypse by Veronica Chater, all about growing up in a Catholic family that had rejected Vatican II. It looks like an interesting read.

2 thoughts on “Follow-Up on Yesterday’s Post on Catholic-Jewish Relations”

  • The “bishop” has been told to shut up and not comment on the Holocaust. The Pope rescinded the excommunication in the hopes that he would stop the association with the Society of St. Pius X.

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