An Orthodox Response to Intermarriage


I didn't think I'd be blogging about an article on the website of the OU (Orthodox Union), let alone giving it a thumbs up, but here I am.

Dear Jew in the City,
My cousin recently got married to an non-Jew. How can I support her even though I know she made a wrong choice?!!!
A Concerned Cousin

Given that this is an Orthodox site, and that their denomination has not historically been kind to intermarriage, I prepared for the worst as I read the response from Allison Josephs (aka, Jew in the City). But it was actually pretty good!

She spoke to the judgement in A Concerned Cousin's inquiry (calling out both the word "wrong" and "choice"), delved into Torah commandments, made analogies and… gave a thoughtful response that I think most Orthodox would at least be open to reading.

What do you think?

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