A Powerful Partnership


Two innovative national Jewish organizations are teaming up to create a program that will help 18 synagogues become more welcoming towards interfaith families. The program, “Call Synagogue Home,” is the product of a partnership between the Jewish Outreach Institute and STAR (Synagogues: Transformation and Renewal), a group that helps synagogue improve and strengthen their services.

The program will take place at synagogues in three different communities. According to the release:

Call Synagogue Home’s pilot program will provide participating synagogues with tools and communications to reach out to interfaith families during key life-cycle events and ritual celebrations, including beginning a Jewish pre-school or religious school, brit milah and baby namings, divorce and death.

I can’t say enough about how promising this program sounds. Even though many synagogues have become quite adept at welcoming and involving interfaith families, numerous synagogues could use the help. Further, by focusing on life-cycle events, this will help the participating synagogues recruit interfaith families who might not otherwise consider joining a synagogue.

Kudos to all involved.

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