A Catholic Controversy


The Latin prayer that includes a call for the conversion of the Jews continues its controversial revitalization, reports the New York Times.

Since I know next to nothing about Catholic liturgy, I won’t presume to have a firm opinion on the issue. For two informed takes on the controversy, read (Catholic) James Carroll’s call to bury the prayer in the Boston Globe and (Jewish) Hillel Halkin’s call to accept it in the New York Sun.

2 thoughts on “A Catholic Controversy”

  • the advice most often given to interfaith couples is to pick one religion for any (potential) children to be raised in so to avoid confusion and stress. there are many Catholic parents who have willingly agreed to raise Jewish children (even if they do not convert to Judaism themselves), but there are rarely Jewish parents (no matter how secular or Atheist they are) who would be ok with raising Catholic children.

    according to your comment, your son’s girlfriend is a devout Catholic whereas he seems to be less observant in his Jewish practices (correct me if i’m wrong, since i don’t want to make false assumptions). it sounds to me if they were to get married, the children would be raised Catholic with only minimal exposure to Jewish holidays and rituals, and that your son wouldn’t be too adaptable to this. he’s already made it clear how uncomfortable he is when attending church with her (does she ever attend synagogue with him? if not, has he ever asked her to?). it’s one thing for a Jewish partner to attend church out of respect for the Christian partner and/or their family (likewise for a Christian partner to attend synagogue), but i get the feeling his girlfriend is trying to push him towards her side (once again, correct me if i’m wrong). i think they need to really discuss this more in-depth, because it sounds like there could be potential problems down the line.

  • Can children be raised with Catholic and Jewish observances – such as having a bris and also being baptised/ or being confirmed and having a bar mitzvah? Going to each other’s holiday parties is an non-issue in the relationship my son is having, his girlfriend is a religious Catholic – goes to church every Sunday and thinks it’s a sin not to. My son is uncomfortable in Church and in the readings of the New Testament as there are many unnecessry referrals to “Jews”. His girlfriend says, although the children would go to Church with her, they’d also go to Temple with their father. Can all this really happenA?
    Thanks in advance.

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